21CF Chats: Ghetto Film School students talk television, the creative process and working with Fox on international promos for ‘Outcast’

For teenage filmmakers in New York and Los Angeles, Ghetto Film School provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive a rigorous, college-level film education, all at no cost to its students. Through its Fellows Program, the organization guides its members through both the art and business of moviemaking, giving them the tools they need to navigate professional careers in a creative field.

21st Century Fox, founding sponsor of GFS LA and a longtime supporter of the organization, has been a key partner in connecting GFS students to leading figures in the entertainment industry and regularly gives them chances to gain hands-on experience in film and television. This spring, 21CF partnered with GFS LA for their Industry 101 course, a semester-long class where students create video promos for a media client. The project gives them first-hand exposure to the business behind filmmaking and teaches them the day-to-day process of working with clients.

For nearly five months, GFS LA students worked with Fox Networks Group International to create promos for Outcast, the new horror drama from “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman. The series, a Fox International Studios production, will air on Fox’s international channels around the world starting this week.

We spoke to GFS LA students Eugene Ko, Aletris Palm and Andrew Velasquez about working with Fox, creating promotional materials for the first time, and how GFS taught them to trust their creative voices.

You all worked on digital promos for Outcast for Fox Networks Group International. Walk us through the process a little. Where do you start on a project like this?
Andrew: We actually got to see an early screening of the pilot for Outcast, which was really interesting. We got to talk to some of the people at Fox about what they would want as far as the promos go.
Aletris: We all had to come up with ideas that fit their brand for the show. They chose the best five pitches, and then the students who made those pitches were the writers and directors of the promos. At that point, the rest of us pitched for positions we wanted for the promos that were chosen… It was such a cool thing to say “We’re working with Fox International.” It’s such a big deal; we were all pinching ourselves when they weren’t looking.

Read more at the 21CF blog: 21CF Blog

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