In a leap forward for video experience, 21st Century Fox brands anchor Sling TV’s new beta multi-stream service

Fox Networks Group is taking another step to ensure consumers are able to watch its leading-class content when they want, where they want by making FOX Broadcasting, FX, National Geographic and FOX Sports (including national sports and Regional Sports Networks) available on Sling TV’s new $20-per-month live beta multi-stream service.

“The launch of the new Sling TV is a significant step forward in our efforts to provide the best TV experience for consumers,” said Fox Networks Group Chairman and CEO Peter Rice in an internal memo. “It offers an easy, affordable online alternative to the traditional pay TV bundle. It’s designed for a new and younger TV audience seeking a seamless entertainment experience across the multiple devices on which they watch our shows – both in and out of home.”

This announcement means the new Sling TV multi-stream service will give consumers in New York, for example, access to every Yankees game aired on YES Network, in addition to in-demand franchises like “The Americans,” “Empire,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “The Simpsons,” “American Crime Story,” the Super Bowl, the Daytona 500, the World Series and much more premier content from Fox Networks Group.

“As media consumption patterns continue to evolve in today’s multi-channel, multi-platform universe, we believe our core brands are more relevant than ever, and we welcome the introduction of a new TV service that reflects this vision,” said Peter.

Read more about Sling TV’s announcement of its new service featuring Fox Networks Group brands.

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